Although I have visited Florida several times while growing up the most memorable time I have spent
there was a three week period in 2000.  It was memorable because it was such a pleasant surprise.  The
Army sent me there to attend something called the Joint Aerospace Command and Control Course, or
JAC2C.  Now, while I enjoyed my time at Fort Bliss, Minnesota and Korea immensely, all three of these
places were supposed to be, in one form or another, hardships.  Fort Bliss is not know as a place of
"bliss", I was in Minnesota to command a recruiting company, one of the hardest jobs in the Army, and
Korea is understood throughout the Army to be a hardship tour and most people do anything they can to
get out of it.  So, I had gone from Fort Bliss to Minnesota and was now on my way to Korea with a three
week stopover at a place called Hurlburt Field.  All I knew about this place was that it was where the
swamp phase of the US Army Ranger school takes place.  Nothing good could possibly happen here.  
Upon my arrival I was advised that there were no rooms available on the base so they would have to "put
me by the water".  Again, "Ranger school swamp phase" went through my mind.  The young Senior
Airman said "Sir, we have a room for you at the Carousel Beach Resort."  How cruel could these bastards
be I wondered to tease me like this?  Well, as it turns out I could have filmed a Corona beer commercial
from my room.  Beautiful white sand beaches and emerald green waters.  Maybe the Army wasn't so cruel
after all....

Like many of the pictures on this website, I "borrowed" them from others who had the foresight to
actually take pictures while they were there.  So, while the memories are mine the pictures are not.