Kanye West Doesn't Care About White Folks!
 Hip-hop “artist” Kanye West is a devout racist who does not care about white folks.  
How do I know this?  Well I don’t actually, but a lack of supporting evidence did not stop
Kanye West from using the platform of a live telecast (intended as a fundraiser to assist
victims of Hurricane Katrina) to announce to a national audience that President Bush
does not care about black folks.
 In case you’ve been on another planet and have no idea what I am talking about let me
fill you in.  Kanye West is one of the big names in hip-hop music circles of late.  While I
can’t see it, or rather hear it, from his music I saw it reported on television that he is a
musical genius.  Since it was on television it must be true right?  Well, what was also on
television was a live concert intended to raise money for the victims of Hurricane
Katrina.  At one point in the show Mike Myers and Kanye West were on stage reading
scripted comments from a teleprompter when Kanye went off-script and announced to
the world that “Bush does not care about black folks”.  Let’s take a look at the facts that
Kanye did not tell and in all likelihood is too ignorant to even be aware of.
 West’s observation is what is known as a “gratuitous assertion”.  In this context this is
when you say something without any proof that what you are saying has merit but you
say it because you believe it to be true or maybe because you don’t even believe it is
true but you want it to be true.  I can say, for example, that Kanye West is racist and
doesn’t like white folks even though I have no way of proving it and have seen nothing
that would lead me to really believe it is true.  Anyone is free to make such assertions
about any issue they feel motivated to speak on.  We have free speech in this country
right?  So what’s the big deal?  Before I tell you what the big deal is let’s look at some
evidence that Kanye West should have considered before making his now infamous
 Let’s start with a multiple choice test.  Question:  President Bush has committed to
donate more US aid to Africa than:
         A:  Former President Bill Clinton.
         B:  The previous 5 presidents.
         C:  All previous democratic presidents combined.
         D:  All previous republican presidents combined.
         E:  None of the above.
 If you answered “E:  None of the above.” you are correct.  In just one part of a very
cleaver ruse to cover up his hate of black people everywhere that sneaky president of
ours has committed more aid to the continent of Africa than not just any president in US
history, not just more aid that all presidents of either party, but more aid that all
presidents in the history of the United States COMBINED!  But our friend Kanye West is
just too smart to be taken in by such sneaky tactics.  You can’t get off that easy when the
eternally vigilant Kanye West is on the job keeping us straight on the true intentions of
our nation’s elected leaders.  Never mind what our president has actually done.  We just
need to listen to what Kanye said our president “feels”.
 Let’s dig a little deeper to get past the president’s little deception plan and get to his
true feelings about non-white Americans.  I am sure his true character will be borne out if
we just look beyond the little aid-to-Africa scheme which was clearly intended to throw
us off the trail of what must be a long history of not caring about black folks.
 How about we just forget the whole topic of African aid since that was clearly a ploy to
take attention away from deep seated dislike for non-whites on the part of the President.  
Besides, maybe President Bush only cares about African blacks.  Maybe what Kanye
West meant was that President Bush doesn’t care about American black folks.  Surely if
this is the case all we have to do is look at his inner circle for evidence of African-
Americans, or lack thereof.  I am sure he has been very careful to keep those black folks
at a safe distance right?  After all if you don’t care about them there are at least two good
reasons I can think of to keep them as far away as possible.  First, it is simply human
nature that if you don’t care about (don’t like) a group of people you wouldn’t want them
around.  Second, if you marginalize the group you don’t care about and only keep “your
kind” near by the less likely it is that your true nature will be found out.
 So, let’s take a look at our president’s inner circle of white folks.  Vice President
Cheney?  You got it!  A white man!  Aha!  Proof!  Secretary of Defense?  Yep!  Another
white man!  The evidence is mounting.  Secretary of State?  Umm.. ok, maybe President
Bush made a mistake by naming Colin Powell to be his first Secretary of State and let
one slip through the cracks.  I mean to not name at least one minority person to his
cabinet might appear racist right?  So as yet another part of his plan to fool us all about
how much he does not like black folks Bush named one, token if you will, minority
member to his cabinet.  Never mind that he was the first president ever to name a
minority to such a high cabinet position.  And besides, Colin Powell is no longer the
Secretary of State and the President was too sly to let another minority… umm wait, he
named another African American to this position.  Man that President of ours is sneaky!
 Let’s move along and just for the sake of argument let’s look and see if we can find any
more minority members of the president’s “inner circle”.  In the interest of brevity I will
limit this list to the president’s cabinet members.  Attorney General?  Alberto Gonzalez
(Hispanic).  Secretary of Transportation?  Norman Y. Mineta (Asian American).  Secretary
of Education?  Rod Paige (African American) was President Bush’s first Secretary of
Education.  President Bush’s second Secretary of Education is Margaret Spellings
(female).  Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?  Alphonso Jackson (African
American).  Secretary of Labor?  Elaine Chao (Asian American).
 It seems that President Bush will stop at nothing to cover up his hate of minorities.  He
even went so far as to have the most ethnically diverse cabinet in the history of the
United States just to cover up the degree to which he only cares about whites.  
Something here just does not add up.  Could it be that Kanye West is a moron for saying
on national television that President Bush does not care about black folks?  I think that is
a likely explanation.
 So, back to my original assertion:  Kanye West does not care about white folks.  I defy
anyone to find as much evidence to the contrary as I did to refute his accusations against
President Bush.