We lived in Minnesota for a few years when I was in command of the St. Paul Recruiting Company. It was
a tough job but I loved living in Minnesota very much.  It was only about a 10 minute drive from my
home to the Mall of America and not much further to either Minneapolis (above right) or St. Paul (above
left).  I liked both cities equally though each had a very distinct character.  I had hear St. Paul
called the last city of the Old East and Minneapolis was the fist city of the New West.

One of the most unique things about both cities is the skyway system (pictured below).  This allows you
to go almost anywhere in downtown St. Paul or Minneapolis without getting wet or cold in any weather.  
The picture below I got from someone else's website.  The picture was taken from inside one of the
skyways and you can see another one in the distance.
Below are a number of pictures from Lake Harriet (that I also
"borrowed" from another website.  This is one of my favorite places
in the world!  The lake is beautiful and many people go there to
walk or run or go sailing.  Summer and Winter are equally beautiful
at the lake, just in very different ways.